How to stay / think positive and how to beat your fear

So today I thought I would share a random thoughts I had in my mind just to push you to the right way , inspire you if you need , motivate you if you’re searching for a motivation .

So first of all , have you ever seen someone became successful by lying on bed and wishing? OF COURSE NO! You have to put all your effort , to have passion for what you are going to achieve .
Successful means worrying about how to reach my goal , thinking before sleeping . Getting out of the bed at the morning , and dreaming about that final result . There will be an ups and downs , there will be a mountains to climb and rivers to cross but you can do it . Never give up and never say I CAN’T! Because you can and you will , you were born to find your own goals and to reach them , you were born to be an inspiration for your kids .
From the beginning of the year , I still can’t believe how far I’ve come , even if it’s not the best but at least I did something for myself to be proud of someday , and I know that this is just the beginning and the best is yet to come!!
But always appreciate the little things in life , be thankful for everything around you . The most important , be thankful for your god! He’s the reason you’re here and without him you’ll be nothing! God loves us , he gives you more ” so much more ” than what you ask! but you always need patience .

Nobody’s much better than you , all of us are equal! The difference is how much they put effort into it and how much they worked to be what they are right now!

i agree that so many times we feel disappointed and upset , but it’s human nature and it’s so normal to feel like this sometimes , but it’s about to get up again , stronger than you’ve ever been .

when you can’t find any reason to get stronger , search inside yourself , you’ll find a reason . you are still breathing , you have to try again while you’re still alive .


we all have that negative energy and vibes , but not all of us have the ability and energy to get up again . when ever you are about to give up , remember why you started from the beginning . we all fail in our lives , otherwise , we all have the chance to get up again , to try again and to fight again . NEVER GIVE UP ON WHAT YOU WANT .

hopefully i gave you a little motivation to continue in what you started , i love you all and i wish you all the best in your dreams!

much love Xx

The raghrd


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