Room inspo | inspiration

sometimes we feel confused when we’re about to redecorate our room or even move to another house , in this one i’ve gathered the prettiest ” goals ” room photos so you could find what you want and get inspired by so quick and easy way , these are my absolute favorite ❤ :

that was a quick one , hopefully you found something you love!

my advice for you , always choose something bright and clean , choose white , grey , rose gold and a little pinky things , believe me if you focus you’ll get the best combo ever! forget the dark and serious colors , you need something that motivate you when you wake up , make you feel comfortable when you go to sleep , and the most important to be satisfied about it! because if you love something you’ll always feel fine when you see it , but if you don’t love your room or you are not even satisfied then i’m so sorry to say you won’t feel comfortable! don’t forget to save the post if you wanna come back and take a look later .

maybe these rooms look so similar in a few things , but it’s the trend! everyone who redecorate their room will absolutely go and try these decors up there!

thanks for reading 🙂

with love Xx

the raghrd


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