How to increase your instagram story views

hey guys , hope you’re doing well! ❤ so as i’m so interested in instagram stuff i thought i would share with you some tips to increase your instagram story views , i’ve noticed that since instagram updated their ‘ story ‘ feature too many people especially instagram bloggers have been more obsessed with than snapchat , so here’s my tips for a better instagram story views Xx :


as we can see popular hashtags always increases and improves our content even in IG stories! using a related hashtags in snaps helps to increase your views , also you have to use that popular ones , such as #saturdaynight , #weekend , #ootd , #lunchtime .. etc . don’t use those that have been used in a 1 – 2 thousand posts , they are useless! as you have to know you shouldn’t put 10 hashtags in one snap! use from 2 to 4 maximum! more than this will be so over and will look as a spam and it’s not cool in anyway!

Connecting with others

liking, commenting and following others who have a content similar for yours helps too! people who’ll enter your account , will like and check out your page will probably check out your story , so try to always be active on your story so people could check it in anytime and they’ll find something fun in it!

Be consistent

consistency is everything in everything! always posting , being active and interesting in taking random snaps from your day , keeping your followers in touch with you and to show them that beautiful moments they would highly see and you can’t post it on your feed , keep your fans!

take care of snaps qualities

in snapchat , we were taking a very random – low quality snaps just because a determined number of people will watch it . but on instagram it’s different , too many people will be able to see your story and they are highly not interested in watching 10 quotes pictures , or 15 black screen with a few words on it , put a photos for your meals , coffee , what are you currently doing , some fun photos , where are you hanging out today , all of these things would be so nice to watch  absolutely! 🙂

Be patient

but anyway at the end of the thing , i would remind you that is not a magic! it’s like anything else needs patience , growing your audience takes time , just be yourself , be real and love what are you doing and do it with too much love , people will love you for yourself and for your talent , not for trying to be another person!

that’s it , hope you enjoyed it and find it helpful!

thanks for reading guys , i hope to always help you even in the little things! ❤

with love Xx

The raghrd


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