what to eat before & after workout

Hey loves , hope you’re doing well! so my mood is about health and fitness stuff so i thought i would tell you what to eat before workout to get that energy , after workout to build muscles , so lets get started 🙂

Before workout

so before hitting your workout session , you shouldn’t be absolutely tired and sleepy , so one of the best choices ever is caffeine , having a double shot of espresso or any kinda coffee gives you the energy you will need in your workout , also having a banana , dark chocolate , dates , nuts .. beside your coffee is absolutely a great combo 🙂 this snack should be nearly an hour before your session , if you wanna have a basic meal , at least it should be 2 hours before your session .

After workout

the most important thing you should know about your after workout meal is that it should be full with Protein , so many types of food are full with protein out there , you have chicken breasts , protein shakes , salmon ” or seafood in general ” , a good portion of meet ” without bad fat ” , eggs , milk , smoothies and toooo many choices. as i mentioned , you should eat an enough amount of protein , but it doesn’t mean that you have to ignore carbs and fats , you should have a good portion of healthy fat too like an avocado or nuts , and also some carbs like sweet potato , healthy pasta .. stuff like this . finally , vegetables! add some carrots , broccoli , beans .. etc , and don’t forget to drink too much water , like too much! Xx


your food determines your burnt calories and effort in workout , determines also your muscles , before workout you have to have some caffeine for an extra effort and a snack like dark chocolate or banana , or you can have a normal meal before your workout in about 2 hours . after workout your body needs food after the calories you burnt while your workout , so you have to get a full healthy meal with proteins , carbs , fat , vegetables and sure , much water . consistency is everything! be consistent and you’ll find the best results you’ve wanted .

that’s it! hopefully you enjoyed this quick one and liked it! thanks for reading ..

with love Xx

The raghrd


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