hello babes! so i know it might seem a little bit weird title but that’s what i’m doing today ! i collaborated with Arhaus to share with you how i like my home ans showing you the design with the simple pretty details , if you like it don’t forget to tell me what do you think about it in the comments below , let’s start with the bedroom ! 🙂

so first thing from the accessories in my opinion and the most important to have in every corner in your home is mirrors , my favorite are absolutely the classic & fancy ones! look at this one , inspired by Greco-Roman architecture , i,m so in love with it! you can click on the photo that takes you directly to the details

my dream bed is absolutely this one!!

guys i actually adore rose&gold&white things and i think this one was designed for people like me! can’t get enough of it! ❤ , i think this photo is a summary for what i highly want in my room , the table lambs , this cutie carpet on the floor , even these frames on the top look so pretty! ❤

for the living room , i prefer grey things , here’s my favorite sofa!


look how pretty and bright this one! 🙂 my absolute dream space! everything look so pretty cool together !

i think this coffee table would fit the living room in so pretty way too! i love this kinda design!

you see the floor lamb? i would highly take it to my home for when i put makeup , take pictures ” especially in the dark ” and all of these necessary situations that need a strong light!

what do you think about this console? i like it so much! give me this one too Xx

i don’t know if you noticed the vases on the console , but i like them so much and they do a great combo together and i like the addition of the third one on the right , it’s the different design!

so that was a sneak peek of my favorite things and things that took my heart from the first time i saw it! hopefully you enjoyed this one with me as much as i did , don’t forget to check out their website Arhaus for more beautiful furniture and they’re doing a sale that ends on monday 12-6 , you could save up to 40% ! #Ad

check out here the previous sections i mentioned in the post : Living room – lighting – Bedroom

so that’s it for this post , thanks for reading loves! Xx

with love ,

The raghrd


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