Q&a with Joelle

Hey beauties and welcome again 🙂 so today i’m doing a q&a with the beautiful Joelle , she did an one with me too so don’t miss it , i’m leaving all the links below at the end of the post ,

Q1: How old are you ?

I’m currently 20, turning 21 in July.

Q2: where did you get your inspiration to start blogging?

I’ve been blogging for a while, for personal enjoyment and as a way to keep all of my favourite looks in one place. I also started blogging to show that dressing modestly and minimally doesn’t have to be difficult. Wear what you’re comfortable in, not what everyone else is wearing.

Q3: when did you start blogging ?

I started blogging in 2008, but not about fashion. In 2010 I started blogging outfits and opinion pieces on fashion and trends. It flowed from there into lifestyle and personal style blogging as opposed to just blogging about fashion. I’m not a fashion blogger, so personal style is my focus.

Q4: Your main goal in life ?

I’m a minimalist, so my goals are pretty simple – My main goal in life is to build the best life I can, and be the best person I can be. I want to continue to grow and be happy.

Q5: could you mention 3 names of brands you’d like to work with ?

Hmmmmm, brands I’d like to work with – I’d say all the mainstream brands I wear on a daily basis – Zara, HM and FOREVER 21. They’re great for basics and basics make up my wardrobe. If I had to pick a dream brand I would have to say Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, Achro, Shaina Mote, Theory, Vince and The Row. (I can’t pick just one!)

Q6: what’s your advice for teen bloggers?

My advice for teen bloggers, and I’m no expert mind you, would be to keep doing your own thing. Experiment with your style and your ideal look and find a style muse to look up to. If you keep trying and stay dedicated, it’s easier than ever to call your self a fashion blogger. I would also urge anyone new to keep trying and learn from your mistakes. Every mistake is an opportunity to elevate your style. Lastly, don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun!

Q7: favorite makeup brand ?

Favourite makeup brand – now this is a hard one! I’m really into Korean beauty, and my current go to brands are Holika Holika, TONY MOLY and The Face Shop. If I had to pick a mainstream favourite, I’m loving Colourpop, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laura Mercier and Hourglass. Also, you can never go wrong with Urban Decay!

Q8: where are you from? and how many languages can you speak?

I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada and largely grew up in Toronto. I speak two languages.

Q9: name a country you’d like to live in?

I’ve always wanted to live in the states and now I do!

Q10: your favorite quote?

Favourite quote is also a hard one! I have a whole quote board on Pinterest because I have so many favourites. If I had to pick just one, I’d say “Strive for progress, never perfection.” Perfection is an unattainable end and progress is a path to numerous beautiful opportunities ❤

i enjoyed doing this one with her so much! thank you Joelle ❤ and thank you babes for reading this one , here’s the links you could need

Joelle’s instagram | Joelle’s blog

with love Xx

The raghrd


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