tips for a white natural teeth – without doing Hollywood smile

hello lovelies ❤ today’s post about how to have a natural white teeth without doing Hollywood smile , i wanna help you because there is some of you don’t like to do that smile or even some people don’t have the ability to do it , so there are some tips help you keep your smile white ” maybe not that clean whiteness , but much better than nothing , ya ? ” so let’s start!

first thing and most important , you have to love yourself the way you are , and it’s so important to know that there is no one perfect , we all have some negative things and maybe we can’t change it so we have to accept ourselves and be kind to ourselves , if you love yourself , you’ll be the prettiest in your vision 🙂

and before i start with my tips , you have to know that you won’t reach that very white color , you’ll reach the natural color of the teeth which is less than the white color we always see , also it depends on the person himself , some people are able to reach that bright ones meanwhile the others are not , so!

the second thing is a popular habit or maybe addiction , and it’s drinking too much tea and coffee in a day , about myself , it took me quiet a while to remove this habit from my life , but i did it :)! so don’t worry , try to remind yourself of the result you’ll eventually reach and do some effort and it’ll be done!

also eating too much nuts and sugar is harmful , some of you will think and say that the nuts are healthy and they are a good fat , you are right! but in case you eat more than the normal , it’ll be a problem , not a solution , balance is everything . Sugar doesn’t have the benefits of nuts , so you have to start eating less and less till you become a non-lover of these things Xx

ya , i didn’t forget xo , brushing your teeth is most important and it’s the basic for the title of this post , if you can’t brush your teeth after everything you eat then it’s okay! you can brush them from 2-3 times a day and it’s a very good number! you just have to get rid of the excuses and you’ll find everything easier than you have ever thought .

these are my basics for a clean and natural teeth , remember to be patient and to work hard , the result will eventually come! maybe it will take more than 1 year , but remember that you ignored your teeth for more than year ‘ maybe too much more ‘ so it deserves waiting , yes ?

thanks for reading this one guys and hope you enjoyed it ❤

with love Xx

The raghrd


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